Stress-free money management

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Your everyday financial forecast app

Most new banking apps are built around lots of numbers, smart insights, data visualisation, transaction history and budgeting tools.

These are great features for many, but can be overwhelming if you're feeling anxious about your finances.

Instead, Toucan focuses on simplicity.

The app crunches the numbers for you and displays today’s financial status on an easy-to-understand home screen.

Support from someone you trust

If you want extra support with money management, you can set up alerts to be sent to someone you trust.

That way they’ll see the same alerts you see when your bank balance is low or when spending is higher than normal. That means that when you need someone to talk to, there'll be no delay in getting the help you need.

Toucan app showing alert for a carer
Toucan app showing alert for an account holder

"1 in 5

of us are currently experiencing mental ill health due to money worries"

According to the Money Advice Service

About Toucan

Toucan is in development, with plans to launch later in 2019.

We are currently working with the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, researching how people manage their money.

Toucan was founded by Bailey Kursar in 2018 to help break the cycle between anxiety and poor money management.

We have since been featured in the Financial Times and were a finalist in the 2019 Innovating for Ageing awards.

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