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Managing money can be overwhelming

Ever feel dread when you have to look at your balance? Or break out in a cold sweat when you have to deal with numbers?

Toucan helps you lighten the load with someone you trust

A problem shared is a problem halved. When Toucan spots something you’ve told us to look out for, we'll message someone you’ve chosen so they can help.

“That was the really powerful thing about the Toucan app, I think, prompting a very gentle conversation.”

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“It helped me speak and share my worries about my finances with my family, which I wasn’t doing before.”

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“I just found it really, really supportive. I felt like I wasn’t on my own, lost in my own little world.”

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“I found that she opened up a lot more to me, rather than just saying the odd comment.”

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  1. Connect to your bank account

    Toucan works by watching your spending and balance, then sends a message when it spots something you’ve told us to look out for.

  2. Tell us what to look out for

    Create customised alerts, like your balance dropping below a certain amount. You can edit these to suit your personal money habits.

  3. Nominate a friend you trust

    Set up a trusted friend to get alerts when you do, so they know when to check in. We only share what you approve, so you’re in control.

  4. Get timely support

    Get the right support at the right time, from both Toucan and your trusted friend, so you can share your money worries.

“Toucan app is a simple yet effective way to give a trusted friend or relative access to the headlines of your personal finances”

FT Adviser

“An effort to improve the financial capabilities of those in need”

The Scotsman

“Selected for 'Open Banking for Good' challenge”

Open Banking

“Solving real social problems”

UK Tech News

“Finalists in the Open Up 2020 Challenge”

Open Up 2020

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