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Budgeting apps are all the same. Money in, money out. Money saved, money spent. We’re all taught that one is good, one is bad, and if you can’t balance it just right you are made to feel lazy, reckless, and stupid.
But it’s not that simple. We all have different priorities, and if you’re tired, stressed, guilty, sad, or angry, money management can fall by the wayside.
Toucan intervenes with timely support, no matter where you’re at. It’s less about overwhelming stats, and more about gentle nudges in the right direction.
How it works

Built by an expert team in finance that puts empathy first

We are helping banks and other service providers give first class support for  customers at risk of vulnerability.
We are working with the experts at The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute and are financially supported through Nationwide Building Society’s Open Banking for Good challenge.

Bailey Kursar

Has managed product and marketing at companies like MarketInvoice, Monzo and Zopa. Winner of the 2018 Santander Open Banking Hackathon. Finalist at the 2019 Innovating for Ageing Awards.

Evelina Vrabie

Experience leading the build of mobile banking apps for Barclays, NatWest, RBS. One of the first mobile developers at Deliveroo. Data Science Advisor.

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