Connecting your customers to better support at exactly the right time

Our mission is to help banks, service providers, and other corporates provide first class service to customers who are experiencing mental ill health.
Through our ties with charities and Government, we are experts in building products and services that support customers at risk of vulnerability.
We can save you money by cutting customer service queries, especially related to debt collection.
We’ll also help you comply with regulatory requirements around vulnerability in the most ethical and tech-enabled way.

We know about money and mental health

Our partners through Nationwide's Open Banking for Good challenge, The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, have helped us collect insights from hundreds of people with lived experience of mental health and money problems.

Mental health problems are problems for banks

1/4 of us will experience a mental health problem in any given year. These customers are three times more likely to be in problem debt, costing banks thousands in collections costs.
Many of these customers are using risky workarounds, such as sharing online banking credentials, so that a trusted family member can help them manage their finances.
These workarounds leave someone vulnerable to financial abuse or coercion.
Toucan helps by providing a safe way to get the same support, meaning the bank or service provider adheres to their duty of care.

Want to talk about a partnership?

We’re talking to banks and other service providers about piloting Toucan. Get in touch to set up a call or a meeting.
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